About us

About us

Aster Polyclinic is a modern boutique polyclinic for dermatology, aesthetic and anti-age medicine, orthopedics and vascular surgery. We practice evidence-based medicine to allow you to live longer and feel better.

At the Aster Polyclinic, we use state-of-the-art technology in cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers. We have sophisticated 4D radio frequency technology (Venus Legacy ™ and Venus Viva () – the only one approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We also use the great PLEXR ™ technology of soft, bloodless surgery for the purpose of rejuvenating the face and body. We use only proven products for rejuvenation and aesthetics (Teoxane, Gimmed, Jalupro, Amieamed, Estar Medical), and you can also buy professional cosmetics from the Parisian company Laboratoires Filorga.

Life in a bustling city of millions, with countless obligations and a large amount of stress is full of challenges and uncertainties. Aware of this, we offer services tailored to your needs in a space that is designed to be comfortable, relaxing and to invigorate and revitalize both body and mind. In addition, we have provided you with affordable parking in a guarded underground garage so that you can, when you are with us, completely relax.

Come, consult our experts, choose treatments that will improve your life and flourish with the Aster Polyclinic!

Reliability comes first!

Our mission is to promote health and beauty in the service of a society made up of healthy, happy and successful individuals.

Our vision is to become and remain a reliable and recognized healthcare institution that offers top-notch medical service, as well as a whole range of diverse treatments related to health and beauty.

Our goal is to become a recognizable service medical brand, and an unavoidable partner for individuals and organizations who want to live longer and feel better.

Ivana Jurić, director


Dermatovenerology is a branch of clinical medicine that deals with diseases and disorders that affect the skin, mucous membranes, nails and scalp. He is also involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. With modern diagnostics and the latest trends in treatment, most dermatological problems are treated effectively and permanently.


Aesthetic and anti-age medicine

Aesthetic and anti-age medicine are an indispensable part of modern living, and in short can be defined as a set of methods and procedures aimed at improving appearance and slowing down aging. Botox, fillers, photorejuvenation, radiofrequency shaping of the face and body, rejuvenation with plasma cells…


Orthopedics is a branch of clinical medicine that deals with diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, ie the locomotor system. This typically includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons…

Vein center

Varicose veins are the most common vascular disease and according to the World Health Organization, almost 30% of the world’s population has a problem with varicose veins. Although the human venous system consists of superficial and deep veins, when we talk about varicose veins we mean superficial veins.

Men's corner

We at Aster know that women and men are different. Men have thicker skin (we don’t mean character), bigger pores and less subcutaneous fat.

Wound center

A wound occurs when tissue or organ damage occurs. Depending on the course of healing they can be both acute and chronic and have four stages of healing.

Our team

Our doctors are eminent experts with international experience and through an individualized approach will help you realize your biological potential to the end.

Gordana Krnjević Pezić

Dermatovenerology specialist

Gordana Krnjević Pezić completed her specialization in dermatovenereology in 1993 at the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases of the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital Center Zagreb and the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases.

dr. sc. Branko Bogdanić

General Surgery Specialist, Abdominal / Digestive Surgery Subspecialist

Branko Bogdanić received his doctorate in 2013. and at the end of the same year he completed a specialization in general surgery, and is permanently employed at the Department of Oncological Surgery.

dr. sc. Goran Vrgoč

Orthopedic specialist

Goran Vrgoč, orthopedic specialist at the Department of Orthopedics KB Sveti Duh. Doctor of the Croatian Boxing Association, medical of the Croatian judo team, club doctor of GNK Dinamo…